Polo Photos at Tinicum Park – June 2018

Jun 8, 2019 | Sports

If you haven’t been to a match at Tinicum Park Polo Club and are looking for a nice day out, the drive is worth some great family-friendly entertainment. You can back your car up near the field and have a picnic while enjoying a game. (There is a charge to enter.) This was my first visit. It was a visit just for fun and to take some “new to me” photos.

Photographing the game of Polo: horses with people upon them swinging at a ball about the size of a softball was a challenge. (Right, like I was THE mammal being challenged that day.)

These are a few of the many photos that I felt are good enough to present. Like I said, it was a challenge. I’m going to try to get back now that I have a better sense of the game.

It’s interesting: This is the first time I’ve photographed a sport that I know zero percent about. When you are familiar with a sport, you have some general sense and recognition of it that allows the anticipation of “what’s gonna happen next”. That sense is so incredibly important when photographing sports.

Tinicum Park is located on the Delaware River about 20 minutes north of New Hope. (That’s Route 32.) If your from my stomping ground in the Souderton, PA, take Route 113 until you cross Route 611 and continue down the hill to enjoy the ride. It’s a beautifule drive through the country. For more detailed directions, simply search for Tinicum Park Polo Club.